What Is WordPress and how to install step by step tutorial

What is WordPress ?


It is completely free but somebody work and sell different templates, plugins, and components about WordPress,

What can you do with WordPress?

Basically, WordPress is a blogging software it means if you need a blogging web site it is the best way to use WordPress.

If your needles a company web site, You can choose a good free WordPress template and do your web site easily.

It is possible to make a web site about e-shopping with WordPress, but you will need some components for this work.


WordPress is a free web design system ;

if you have a domain name and hosting, you can have a web site in a 10 minute,

WordPress is a friendly web design system with SEO( Search engine optimizations);

Usually WordPress better then other web systems about SEO (google, yandex, bing, and all others ) Of course google like it.

WordPress is a flexible web design system,

It is possible to prepare websites that will be used in many different areas with a WordPress infrastructure,

WordPress is an easy web design system,

Both installation and use is very easy,

WordPress is an international web design system,

You can find information and some tools for your WordPress web site from all over the world, People who live different country uses it and share experiences every time.

How can I install a wordpress web site?


We mentioned in our previous articles, If you have a domain name and hosting account, ( If you want to install wordpress in localhost please check our article How can I install wordpress in localhost ?)

Firstly download to the last version of wordpress from here, download wordpress

When you installing wordpress one important subject, you will need to transfer files, there are to ways for this needless.

You can log in c-panel of your hosting account or you can use FTP software,( please contact with your hosting company for information about c-panel)

Some popular FTP software are;

  • Cyberduck (Windows & Mac compatible, FREE)
  • FileZilla (Windows ve Mac compatible, FREE)
  • CuteFTP (Windows & Mac compatible, starting price $39.99)
  • FireFTP (Windows & Mac compatible, FREE)
  • Direct FTP (Windows, 39$)
  • Transmit (Mac, 34$)
  • WinSCP (Windows, FREE)
  • when you have an FTP software you need contact with your hosting company and take the information of FTP connection.
  • Automatical Install ;
  • Connect with FTP folder to your hosting account
  • Open on the desktop wordpress zip file which you download from the website,

Open the file Zilla FTP software, you will this screen, after you enter ( user name, Host, Password; you can take this information from your hosting company) software will contact with your hosting, after connection double click into the public_html folder.

When open the public _html folder, drag and drop all files that into the wordpress folder which we opened on the desktop, into the public HTML with the mouse,

Wait while transferring program files and when it finishes you can install wordpress web site.

Write to your domain name in the address line and press enter you will see this screen ;

In the next step wordpress will ask you some information about your database information If you want to make a web site at the same time you need a database;

  • How can you have a database?
  • connect c panel of your hosting account,
  • Choose MySQL database wizard,
  • Write a database name
  • Write a user name ( it is not your wordpress user name it is about the only database)
  • Choose a password
  • Create a database
  • Saved this informations you will need every time
  • Now you have a database, for now, c-panel is done our job, again open wordpress screen and click let’s go, you will see the next picture,
  • Enter the information that you created in the database, and go on, next screen about admin page wordpress,
  • Enter information when you use for admin page of a WordPress site.
  • When you finish installations you have to connect FTP and delete install folder in the public_html
  • You can write your domain name/wp-admin to open the admin screen for your site.

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Building Your First Website in Only a Few Hours

Build Your Website in Few Hours

Diving conduct initial into web growth is both momentarily sparkling and haughtiness racking as beginners mostly have no thought what they are removing themselves into.

We can remember a day when a usually collection accessible to amateur site creators was an integrate of HTML books, some copy-and-paste formula found around a net and a fistful of rage-inducing disappointment that could leave the toughest people on earth in a rise of tears, loathing, and physique odor.

Nowadays, formulating a site can take as small as a few mins for professionals, and tools accessible to beginners are easy and comprehensive adequate to have a full website set adult is usually a handful of hours. Nevertheless, everyone believes will be different, and these questions should assistance amateurs figure out their initial steps.

How Much Do You Know About Design?

Having an easy believe about the basics of web design can go a prolonged approach in assisting a commencement web engineer make a many appealing sites possible, within his or her abilities of course.

Understanding picture application and good blueprint practices will not usually assistance with building a site some-more efficiently, though a final product will be many some-more effective as well. you can also use Best WordPress Plugins in you website…

Those with a deeper preparation in the pattern will have a much easier go during their initial website, though that doesn’t mean those though that credentials can’t furnish something that’s both eye throwing and effective.

What are Your Goals?

  • Before removing into a work of building a new site, we should know precisely what we wish a page to accomplish.
  • Are we perplexing to sell a product? Are we compelling an event? How many pages do we wish a site to have?
  • These kinds of questions are a many critical partial of maximizing your potency in building your initial site and successive follow-ups.
  • Answering as many questions about your arriving plan site as probable will assistance we map out a site quickly.
  • This will not usually lead to faster website building, though will mostly lead to many some-more orderly sites in general.
  • And, that’s always a good thing for attracting and gripping visitors on your pages for as prolonged as possible.

The Tools to Use

Depending on a series of pages needed, customizability and user communication compulsory to have a website deliberate completed, a several site-building collection accessible can assistance grasp your goals.

  • For a comprehensive beginner, there are locations online that will assistance get a few-page website adult usually as quick as we can enter information and find the right photos for your topic.
  • If you’re after a quick apparatus or use with prepared to go templates, we can use a website builder.
  • For instance IM Creator, a renowned website builder has a wedding website template territory accessible that can be used to beget an eventuality site (photos, videos, etc) in mins to hours.
  • On the other hand, people who’re really gentle with a new program and have believed with a record in ubiquitous should be means to implement and set up one of a variety of calm government systems with usually teenager hiccups along a way.

If we know what we want, take it one step during a time and combine on what you’re doing, we can have your initial website adult in brief order. For any kind of detail you can visit W3 Gyan Guru

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Four Key Factors to a Successful Online Business

online business

Businesses are moving towards an online market faster and faster with each passing year.

In 2011 alone, according to the US Census, retail sales for the online market had grown to over $190 billion, beating the offline yearly revenue by a large margin. This has only continued to grow in the succeeding years.

However, a business cannot simply put up a website and expect their site to print out cash; there are specific factors to consider if you want your online business to be successful. Just look into the following:

Having the Right Shopping Tools

For an online business to succeed, you will first need to consider all of the tools visitors require and demand their needs. Get the essentials out of the way immediately: an easy-to-use shopping cart, advanced search options, categories for all of your retail items, a one-to-two page registration form so they can easily log back in and retain their specific settings, and the feature to save specific items on a wish list or something similar.

The more options your customers will have then the more accessible and reliable your online business will become for them, making it the optimal choice over the competition. This is why a lot of eCommerce advisors are now turning to tools like Shopify since they cater to a lot of online shopping needs.

Remember: you want your customers to enjoy shopping at your website – this includes your own marketing strategy and price range – so that they keep coming back instead of sniffing for a different place to go.

Adjusting to the Average Time on a Web Page

Believe it or not, the way your website looks will play a large part in how the business will run. Everything, from themes or WordPress Plugins to how well-organized columns are, will determine if people will stick around to shop.

eCommerce specialists generally give the rule that the average consumer will stick to one web page for twenty seconds.

A study by Chartbeat shows that most websites only have up to fifteen seconds before they lose the attention of their visitors.

Another study by the Weidert Group indicates that this average can change according to the general nature of a web page’s content but the average remains within the ‘less than a minute’ range.

With this in mind, a business website needs to garner the attention of its visitors quickly and then direct them to wherever they need to go before they lose interest.

Navigational Tools

Aesthetics play a large part – it immediately sets the mood and determines what visitors should expect when they continue to peruse through your site – but it should be functional as well.

This means you need to have all the navigational tools right at the get-go and they shouldn’t be hard to find. Having the right theme for your website can easily fix this problem; the key is to make sure everything is easy to find.

Pictures and text need to be displayed in an organized manner, the menu shouldn’t be a pain to navigate through, and there should be quick-push buttons that give options to by-pass having to go through several pages all over again.

If a visitor needs to click four buttons just to get to one page then you might already lose sixty percent of them. This leads to the last factor: a proper WordPress themes.

Set the Tone with a Good Theme

Every website should follow a specific design and having a good website theme will do the job. The theme will determine how many columns you have and how they are organized, what kind of media content coding you can support (from CSS3 to HTML5 and others), and what kind of sidebar tools or optional features you can give to your visitors.

It can be very expensive and resource-heavy to create a website from scratch; you will also need to do some work on getting your new website up on the search engine lists. By picking a ready-made theme you can get a good chunk of the job done for you.

A good feature of choosing themes is that they can have their own marketing tools to help boost your website, track visit analysis, and determine the average success of your business. Choosing a theme that works well can get you right where you want to be in mere weeks instead of months.

An online business can rise and fall immediately depending on the factors listed above. Despite the numbers shown by numerous studies indicating that online retail is the way to go, the competition is also on a rise.

You can expect just about every sort of business going online and only by adjusting your website’s designs and content to a specific niche and visitor needs can you ensure your business will garner enough attention and sales.

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