What Is WordPress and how to install step by step tutorial

What is WordPress ?


It is completely free but somebody work and sell different templates, plugins, and components about WordPress,

What can you do with WordPress?

Basically, WordPress is a blogging software it means if you need a blogging web site it is the best way to use WordPress.

If your needles a company web site, You can choose a good free WordPress template and do your web site easily.

It is possible to make a web site about e-shopping with WordPress, but you will need some components for this work.


WordPress is a free web design system ;

if you have a domain name and hosting, you can have a web site in a 10 minute,

WordPress is a friendly web design system with SEO( Search engine optimizations);

Usually WordPress better then other web systems about SEO (google, yandex, bing, and all others ) Of course google like it.

WordPress is a flexible web design system,

It is possible to prepare websites that will be used in many different areas with a WordPress infrastructure,

WordPress is an easy web design system,

Both installation and use is very easy,

WordPress is an international web design system,

You can find information and some tools for your WordPress web site from all over the world, People who live different country uses it and share experiences every time.

How can I install a wordpress web site?


We mentioned in our previous articles, If you have a domain name and hosting account, ( If you want to install wordpress in localhost please check our article How can I install wordpress in localhost ?)

Firstly download to the last version of wordpress from here, download wordpress

When you installing wordpress one important subject, you will need to transfer files, there are to ways for this needless.

You can log in c-panel of your hosting account or you can use FTP software,( please contact with your hosting company for information about c-panel)

Some popular FTP software are;

  • Cyberduck (Windows & Mac compatible, FREE)
  • FileZilla (Windows ve Mac compatible, FREE)
  • CuteFTP (Windows & Mac compatible, starting price $39.99)
  • FireFTP (Windows & Mac compatible, FREE)
  • Direct FTP (Windows, 39$)
  • Transmit (Mac, 34$)
  • WinSCP (Windows, FREE)
  • when you have an FTP software you need contact with your hosting company and take the information of FTP connection.
  • Automatical Install ;
  • Connect with FTP folder to your hosting account
  • Open on the desktop wordpress zip file which you download from the website,

Open the file Zilla FTP software, you will this screen, after you enter ( user name, Host, Password; you can take this information from your hosting company) software will contact with your hosting, after connection double click into the public_html folder.

When open the public _html folder, drag and drop all files that into the wordpress folder which we opened on the desktop, into the public HTML with the mouse,

Wait while transferring program files and when it finishes you can install wordpress web site.

Write to your domain name in the address line and press enter you will see this screen ;

In the next step wordpress will ask you some information about your database information If you want to make a web site at the same time you need a database;

  • How can you have a database?
  • connect c panel of your hosting account,
  • Choose MySQL database wizard,
  • Write a database name
  • Write a user name ( it is not your wordpress user name it is about the only database)
  • Choose a password
  • Create a database
  • Saved this informations you will need every time
  • Now you have a database, for now, c-panel is done our job, again open wordpress screen and click let’s go, you will see the next picture,
  • Enter the information that you created in the database, and go on, next screen about admin page wordpress,
  • Enter information when you use for admin page of a WordPress site.
  • When you finish installations you have to connect FTP and delete install folder in the public_html
  • You can write your domain name/wp-admin to open the admin screen for your site.

If you have any doubt about WordPress Themes or Top WordPress Plugins you can call us at 9899646255 or visit : https://w3gyanguru.in/

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